The Staff of Rice

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Xiao Chen

Postdoctoral Fellow

Elaine Chen
Elaine Chen

Accounting Assistant III

Xiaotong Chen

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Feng Cheng headshot
Feng Cheng

Postdoctoral Fellow

Benxin Chi headshot
Benxin Chi

Postdoctoral Fellow

Adriana Chiaramonti

Center Administrator

Picture of Alice Chow
Alice Chow

Associate Director of Operations, IRSO

Gary Cisneros

Research Specialist

Theresa Cisneros
Theresa Cisneros

Program Administrator

Melissa Cisneros
Melissa Cisneros

Academic Administrator II

Photo of Catherine Clack
Catherine Clack

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Photo of Rachel Clay
Rachel Clay

Academic and Curriculum Manager

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Travis Cochran

Building Manager

Deidra Carroll Coleman
Deidra Carroll Coleman

Research Project Manager

Kathy Collins, Vice President for Finance
Kathy Collins

Vice President for Finance

Photo of Marie Contou-Carrere
Marie Contou-Carrere

Research Advisor for Industry Partners

Arielle Corbin-Contreras

Assistant Director

John Cornwell
John Cornwell

Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research

Gelu Costin headshot
Gelu Costin

Research Scientist

headshot of an African-American female in purple shirt with greenish blue background
Christina Crawford

Associate Director for Science & Engineering

shelah crear phd
Shelah Crear


Ryan Crowley
Ryan Crowley

Studio Manager and Chief Preparator

Susan Cudnik
Susan Cudnik

Storekeeper I

Ceola Curley
Ceola Curley III

Assistant Director, MultiCultural Center

Sarah Curtiss
Sarah Curtiss

Lead Administrative Specialist

Image of Matthew Cushing.
Matthew Cushing

Executive Director

Nicole Dadurian headshot
Nicole Dadurian

Proposal Preparation Specialist

ruth Dannenfelser
Ruth Dannenfelser

Data Scientist

Kathi Dantley Warren, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Kathi Dantley Warren

Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Yehuda Dar

Postdoctoral Research Assoc.


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