The Staff of Rice

Kate Coley
Kate Coley

Associate Director of Development

Kathy Collins, Vice President for Finance
Kathy Collins

Vice President for Finance

Belinda Collins
Belinda K. Collins, PhD

Director of Finance and Administration

Photo of Marie Contou-Carrere
Marie Contou-Carrere

Research Advisor for Industry Partners

Emcy Corteza headshot
Emcy Corteza

Assistant Building Manager

Gelu Costin headshot
Gelu Costin

Research scientist and EPMA lab manager

Dominique Cotright photo
Dominique Cotright

Research and Finance Administrator

Jim Cox
Jim Cox

Associate General Counsel / Patent Attorney

Melissa Cragin
Melissa Cragin

Associate Vice President, Research Computing

Headshot of Jada Crawford
Jada Crawford

Director of Communications, Engineering

shelah crear phd
Shelah Crear

Associate Dean

Susan Cudnik

Storekeeper I

Mia Culton
Mia Culton

Associate Provost for Academic Budgetary Affairs

Welman Curi-Elias
Welman Curi-Elias

Research Scientist

Ceola Curley
Ceola Curley III

Associate Director, MCC

Image of Matthew Cushing.
Matthew Cushing

Executive Director

Photo of Nicole Dadurian on blue background
Nicole Dadurian

Proposal Preparation Specialist

Lucelia Daniels

Operations Coordinator

ruth Dannenfelser
Ruth Dannenfelser

Data Scientist

Tam Dao
Tam Dao

Assistant Vice President for Research Security

photo of Tam Dao
Tam Dao

Assistant Vice President for Research Security

Yehuda Dar

Postdoctoral Research Assoc.

Joseph B. Davidson
Joseph B. Davidson

Senior Associate General Counsel

Angelica Davis

Property Account Supervisor

Crystal Davis

Current Funds Accounting Manager

Lauren Dawson

Research Analyst

Jocelyn Dayao

Academic Administrator III

Dongming De Angelis
Dongming De Angelis

Assistant Director

Stefan De La Garza
Stefan De La Garza

News Analyst

Margaret de Sosa
Margaret de Sosa

Executive Administrator


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