Tatianna Carr

Tatianna Carr serves as the Academic Administrator of the online Master of Computer Science and the Master of Data Science programs. Tatianna manages academic support, including recruitment, departmental award administration, course scheduling, admissions management, student communications, and budget management. She provides guidance to faculty on administrative operations and university policies related to the programs.

Tatianna joined Rice University in 2010. Prior to joining the Department of Computer Science, Tatianna worked at the Jones Graduate School of Business where she started as a Faculty Assistant and advanced to the Associate Director of Faculty Services Administration. In the role of director, she supervised the overall management and administrative direction of the faculty services team, leading the strategic planning, development, and process implementation of faculty support. She worked collaboratively with administration, faculty, and staff, learning the value of fostering meaningful relationships.


MA, Technical Communication, Texas Tech University

BA, English, University of Houston-Downtown

Honors & Awards

RICE MILE Award Recipient


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