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Ahmed Boubrima is a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Edward Knightly. As the Lead Postdoc of the ASTRO project, he currently works on building a platform for autonomous data-driven mobile sensing via networked drones. Prior to joining Rice University, he did his Ph.D. at INRIA-Lyon under the supervision of Dr. Walid Bechkit and Prof. Hervé Rivano. As the Lead PhD student of the Urpolsens project, he worked on building an energy-efficient sensing platform for air quality monitoring. During his PhD, he was also a teaching assistant at INSA-Lyon and a visiting researcher at the University of Ottawa. Ahmed received the master’s and engineering degrees in computer science from the École nationale Supérieure d’informatique, Algiers, in 2015.

Research Areas

Wireless communication, UAVs, Sensor networks, Environmental monitoring

Honors & Awards

2020 ACM Best paper award - DroNet@MobiSys

2020 GDR RSD & ACM ASF Ph.D. thesis award


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