Jennifer Blumental-Barby
Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby

Affiliated Faculty, Medical Humanities Program
Adjunct Professor, Philosophy
Cullen Professor of Medical Ethics, Center Associate Director, Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Baylor College of Medicine

Brad Blunt
Brad Blunt

Director for Academic Process

Nina Bobkova
Nina Bobkova

Assistant Professor of Economics

Aymara Boggiano
Aymara Boggiano

Senior Lecturer, French and Spanish

John Boles
John Boles

William P. Hobby Professor Emeritus

Elias Bongmba

Harry & Hazel Chavanne Chair in Christian Theology; Professor of Religion
Faculty Associate Wiess College

Jaime Bonilla-Rios

Adjunct Professor of Materials Science and NanoEngineering
National School of Engineering and Science Tecnologico de Moterrey

Meredith Bonner
Meredith Bonner

Executive Administrator, Global and Digital Strategy

Billy Bonner
Billy E. Bonner

Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy

Recently Added Profiles

Tracie Ford

Student ERP Security Administrator

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Trisha Whiteman

Digital Information Accessibility Coordinator

Gayle Schroeder

Academic Program Administrator

Claudia Rincon

Academic Program Coordinator

Shalaina Mullen

Academic Program Coordinator

Rhonda Guajardo

Accounting & Financial Analyst


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