Stephen Bayer
Stephen Bayer

Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Robert Beaird
Robert Beaird

Associate Teaching Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Beth Beason-Abmayr
Beth Beason Abmayr

Kathleen and Randall Matthews Teaching Professor of Biosciences

photo of the person
Lydia Beaudrot

Assistant Professor of BioSciences

Lydia Beaudrot
Lydia Beaudrot

Assistant Professor of BioSciences

Photo of Dagmar Beck on blue background
Dagmar Beck

Director, Professional Science Master's Program

Kate Beckingham
Kathleen M. Beckingham

Professor of BioSciences

Sandra Beckmeier

Staff Assistant

P Bedient
Philip Bedient

Herman Brown Professor of Engineering
Director, SSPEED Center

Recently Added Profiles

Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Olga Trejo
Olga Trejo

Academic Program Administrator

Danielle Wu

Adjunct Affiliate, CTBP, Rice University
Assistant Professor, Department of Diagnostic and Biomedical Sciences, UTHealth School of Dentistry

Karina Estrada
Karina Estrada

Student Administrator

Hakeem Abiola Headshot
Hakeem Abiola

Office Administrator and Executive Assistant

Nathan Cook
Nathan Cook

Senior Director of Government Relations


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