Suzanne Martinez
Suzanne Martinez

Financial and Budget Analyst

Nicholas Tjahjono

Graduate Student

Judy Jenkins
Judy Jenkins

Journal Administrator

Michael Diehl
Michael Diehl

Associate Professor of Bioengineering & Chemistry
Director of Bioengineering Graduate Studies

Lena McCarver
Lena McCarver

Administrative Assistant to the Provost

Tingting Yang
Tingting Yang

Graduate Student, Masters of Statistics

Huiming Lin

Graduate Student, Doctor of Philosophy

Gonnermann headshot
Helge Gonnermann

Professor, Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Recently Added Profiles

Juha Siitonen

Lecturer of Chemistry

Maximillian Cobos

PhD Graduate Student, Li Research Group

Feiyang Chen

MCEE Graduate Student

Kristina Cibor

PhD Graduate Student, Doss-Gollin Research group

Sara Denison

PhD Graduate Student, Alvarez Research group

Soobin Cho

PhD Graduate Student, Getachew Research Group