Kate Abad

E. Kate Abad began working at Rice in 2009 as the Director of Student Activities. In the fall of 2013 she took over as the Director of the Student Center merging the Student Center and Student Activities teams promoting facilities and events, student engagement, and campus wide events. Kate continues to work with the Student Center and Student Activities in her current role as an Associate Dean of Undergraduates.

During her time at Rice Kate has worked with many different student groups- over the years directly advising the Student Association (SA)Graduate Student Association (GSA)Rice Women’s Resource Center. She has also served as a Residential College Associate at McMurtry College and as a mentor to the College/SA Presidents. During her time at Rice, Kate’s work with students has been recognized through receipt of the Distinguished University Associate’s Award from McMurtry College in 2014, the Rice Women’s Resource Center Impact Award in 2011, and the Graduate Student Association’s Faculty/Staff award in 2010 and 2020. Additionally, Kate’s campus and division contributions have been noted through her receipt of the Dean’s Award in 2017, the Rice MILE Award in 2018, and the Linda Cooper Staff Award for Distinguished Service to the Division of the Dean of Undergraduates in 2020.

Throughout COVID Kate managed operations for the Crisis Management Team (CMT) and continues to serve on the CMT. As an Associate Dean in the Dean of Undergraduate’s Office Kate works with the following areas:


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