Zainab Abdali is a second-year PhD student in the English department at Rice. She graduated with her B.A. in English & Textual Studies and Mathematics from Syracuse University in 2018, after which she taught ninth-grade English at the Nairobi Muslim Academy in Nairobi, Kenya through a Fulbright grant in 2019. At Rice, her research interests include Muslim American and global Muslim literatures, representations of the War on Terror and the figure of the terrorist in popular culture, and women of color feminist theory. She is also a 2021 Clancy Taylor Summer Public Humanities Intern for Dr. Krista Comer’s book project, Living West as Feminists, an interview project focusing on feminist scholars and their relationship to place and land, especially in the US West.

Research Areas

Muslim and Arab-American literature; Feminist Theory; Minority Women's Narratives


B.A., English & Textual Studies and Mathematics, Syracuse University


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