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Priyanka Ali

PhD Graduate Student, Stadler Research Group

Sydney Allen
Sydney Allen

Graduate Student, Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy

Genevera Allen
Genevera Allen

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science
Investigator, Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, Baylor College of Medicine
Former Faculty Director, Rice D2K Lab

Mari Allen

Senior Department Administrator

George Alliger
George Alliger


John Allison
John Allison

PhD Student

Rosa Almendarez
Rosa Almendarez

Graduate Program Administrator

Brandon Alston
Brandon Alston

Graduate Student
Computational Applied Mathematics and Operations Research
4th Year (Advisor: Hicks)

headshot of an African-American female in purple shirt with greenish blue background
Christina Alston, PhD

Associate Director for Equitable Research, Evaluation, and Grant Development
Pre-College Commission for Diversity Equity & Inclusion / Delegate - ASEE

Recently Added Profiles

Carlos Garcia

Studio Manager & Chief Preparator

Nancy Granahan Baise

Program Administrator, Poverty, Justice and Human Capabilities
Finance Specialist and Events Coordinator, Journal of Feminist Economics

Naina Choudhry

Senior Compensation Specialist

Pam Minigan

Director, Organizational & Talent Development

Susana Gonzalez

Temporary Executive Assistant


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