David R. Lairson

Adjunct Professor

Chen Shi

Graduate Student

Scott Derrick

Associate Professor of English

Kathy Jones, AIA
Kathleen (Kathy) Jones

Associate Vice President, Facilities Engineering and Planning

Qiyi Fang

Graduate Student

Paula D. Platt
Paula D. Platt

Program Administrator, Office of the Dean of Humanities
Program Administrator, Center for Environmental Studies
Program Administrator, Humanities Research Center

Welcome to CEE
Chun-Ying Chao

PhD Graduate Student, Griffin Research Group
Keck Hall 124

Bhagwan Dass Singh
Bhagwan Dass Singh

Graduate Student, Applied Physics Program
Advisor: Dr. Randall Hulet (PHYS)
Matriculation Year: 2019

Gloria Carrera
Gloria Carrera

Executive Assistant to the Provost

Recently Added Profiles

Ziang (Anton) Zhang

Data Scientist, Ken Kennedy Institute

Mackenzie Lee
Mackenzie Lee

Marketing and Events Specialist, Ken Kennedy Institute

Xaymara Garza
Xaymara Garza

Global Marketing Manager

Senia Perez

Video Production Specialist

Billy Mounchan

Video Production Specialist

Matthew Moravec

DSP Research Project Specialist


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