Sylvia Wemanya

I am a first-year PhD student at Rice University's Anthropology department. I am interested in understanding cultural choices with regards to food procurement, preparation and consumption. I am particularly interested in exploring questions about how people prepare their cuisines with the possibility of justifying why a population would rely on a single subsistence strategy for decades. Additionally, I want to understand how fishing communities maintain and manage aquatic resources and how the fisheries change over time. I intend to employ both zooarchaeological and ethnographic approaches to understand the food choices of the Holocene Lake Victoria populations.

I hold a BA in Anthropology from the University of Nairobi in Kenya. Before coming to Rice, I was a research fellow at the National Museums of Kenya and a teaching assistant in the Koobi Fora Research and Training Program.

Research Areas

Zooarchaeology, food, ecology, Holocene, East Africa


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