Sharan K. Mehta

Sharan Kaur Mehta (she/her) is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Sociology at Rice University. Her research examines diverse social boundaries and inequalities with a focus on race, (pan)ethnicity, racism, and religion. Her dissertation explores how religiously diverse South Asians across generations in Texas understand their racial identities, the lived impacts of racism on their everyday lives, and how they respond to these challenges civically, politically, and in their local communities. This study aims to build conceptual and empirical bridges across subfields by revealing the links between anti-Asian racism and anti-Muslim racism, the contemporary landscape of South Asian collective action in the Southern US, and the challenges and opportunities of building racial solidarity on the ground.

Research Areas

Race and Ethnicity, Racism, Religion, Islamophobia, Asian Americans, Identity, Collective Action, and Science


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