After practicing aritmology and interventional electrophysiology as a medical consultant for almost two decades, I relocated to Texas from Italy in 2016, in pursuit of a career change pivoting around my passion for history and archival research. I found myself driven toward the use of quantitative methods in historical inquiries. For my master thesis, I built a database of more than 5,000 Civil War soldiers who chose to desert their Connecticut regiments. Placing the data in the context of both the socio-political discourse of Civil War Connecticut and soldiers’ literary production allowed me to argue the deserters’ motivations.

I also have experience in public history projects. Both as an undergraduate and a graduate, I published essays on digital platforms; as a graduate, at San Houston State University, I coordinate the research of a group of undergraduate students that contributed to a public exhibit on the history of segregation in Huntsville, TX.

In the Spring semester of 2020, I interned at the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, developing a project intending to identify the bodies of African American convicts discovered in unmarked graves in Sugar Land, TX. For TCJC, I created a database of Texas convicts leased out to Sugar Land plantations: I collected data on the physical characteristics, pathologies, and wounds reported in the prison records and the details of their duties and history of punishment. Placing the events in the context of a racial and immigration discourse allows to drive analogies with the mass-incarceration of our times.

I am currently working as an editorial assistant at the Journal of Southern History. I also have been granted a Medical Futures Lab fellowship to develop Medical Humanities projects during the academic year 2020-21, one of which related to the role of humanities in the development of pandemic response.

Research Areas

Nineteenth Century American History; Civil War; American South; Race, Immigration, and Labor.


MA, Sam Houston State University

BA, Sam Houston State University


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