Samhita Das

I am from India, and I joined the Department of Anthropology at Rice University in the Fall of 2022. My research interests involve understanding the ways in which medical technologies get imbricated with the everyday lives of laboring women in rural India. My focus is on novel ontologies produced within and through such assemblages. My broader theoretical inquiry investigates how in our contemporary scientized societies, modes of being and creating possible futures are realized through embodied knowledges and situated lifeworlds.

Before attending Rice, I served as a lecturer for three years at the Department of Sociology, Bharati College, a women's college under the University of Delhi in India.

Research Areas

Medical Anthropology, Feminist Studies, STS, Dalit Studies, State, Power and Governance, South Asian Studies, Multispecies Ethnography


M.A. and M.Phil. from the Department of Sociology at Delhi School of Economics


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