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Ricardo Espinoza joined the Rice University Applied Physics Program as a doctoral student in 2020 and is affiliated with the Physics and Astronomy department in the Hulet Lab. He received B.A. degrees in physics and mathematics from Pomona College, where he worked in the Hudgings Lab to fabricate and characterize organic field-effect transistors using a spatially-resolved imaging technique known as modulated amplitude reflectance spectroscopy (MARS). His current work in the Hulet Lab involves using ultracold bosonic lithium isotopes to create nondispersive matter-wave Bose-Einstein condensates known as solitons to study quantum many-body effects. His interests in physics include AMO physics, quantum and topological materials, and quantum simulation.

Research Areas

Quantum and Ultracold Matter


B.A. Physics, Pomona College

B.A. Mathematics, Pomona College


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