Raúl Rincón Garcia, Ph.D. Graduate Student, Civil Engineering

Raúl Rincón’s work focuses on developing resilience modeling approaches in multi-scale infrastructure systems that consider smart strategies to analyze low-probability events, compute metrics in multi-scale and heterogeneous systems, and cope with ever-changing conditions (such as aging, deterioration, or technology shifts). He is interested in improving the science of measuring, comparing, and updating infrastructure systems performance to attain accurate, unbiased, and inequitable estimates.

He is originally from Villavicencio, Colombia, and completed both his bachelor's and master’s degrees in civil engineering at Universidad de los Andes (Uniandes) in Bogota, Colombia. He worked at Uniandes as a research assistant for the Material and Civil Works Research Center (CIMOC) and as an instructor of undergraduate courses.

Currently, he is a Fulbright Scholar and a Ph.D. student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Rice University, and he is part of the Padgett Research Group.


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