Quinn Georgic

I am a PhD candidate who is working at the intersection of queer feminist STS, conservation, and multispecies ethnography. My current dissertation project asks how contextual differences of lemur research in captive and wild contexts impact primatological knowledge production, interspecies relations, or the experience of conducting scientific fieldwork. Focusing on primatological sciences as a space of social and epistemic transformation, I am particularly interested in how gender and sexuality shape the experience of scientific fieldwork or impact how researchers interpret or affectively relate to the lemurs they study. More broadly, I am interested in how identitary discourses are imbued in conservation regimes and more-than-human ecologies. My research aims to understand how material infrastructures and human sociopolitics may impact the futures of lemurs and other critically endangered species that face increasing scientific intervention.

At Rice, I have been a co-coordinator of Mutant Anthropologies (2021-2022), Rice Feminist Seminar Fellow (2021), and I am involved with Rice’s Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality (CSWGS) and the Center for Environmental Studies.

Research Areas

Multi-species entanglements, ecology, extinction, STS, political ontology, decolonial theory, futurity, charismatic flora/fauna


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