Mustafa Aghahosseini


Advisors: Professor Gwen Brandford and Professor George Sher

Dissertation: "Prudential Blame"

Mustafa Aghahosseini is a doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy. In 2018, Aghahosseini earned his M.A. in philosophy from the University of Houston. His interests include well-being, moral and non-moral responsibility, blame, and aesthetics. He is also generally interested in the possible relation between different normative realms—e.g., the relation between morality and prudence, between morality and aesthetics, and between morality and politics.

His dissertation explores different aspects of blame concerning the non-moral domain of well-being. His advisors are George Sher and Gwen Bradford. Outside philosophy, he is a serious fan of Weimar cinema, German expressionism, and Japanese classical movies. Shamefully, he also enjoys reading pseudo-scientific self-help books!

Research Areas

Moral Theory, Well-Being, Moral and Non-Moral Responsibility, Blame, Aesthetics


MA, University of Houston, 2018


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