Mostafa Mohie Lotfy

I am a first-year Ph.D. student in the anthropology department at Rice University. Currently, I am interested in Infrastructure and Urban anthropology. In my research, I am studying bridges in Cairo, Egypt, and how they change the dwellers’ everyday experiences of the social and the spatial. I understand bridges as technologies which are produced by specific culture of expertise, social spaces which are produced by the everyday practices of the city dwellers, and semiotic objects in a symbolic system which generate aspirations, imaginations, fantasies, and desires.

I got my MA in cultural anthropology from the American University in Cairo. In the last ten years, I practiced journalism in Cairo, focusing mainly on the urban transformations of the city. Recently, a monograph based on my MA thesis was published by Cairo Papers in Social Science, as Biographies of Port Said: Everydayness of State, Dwellers, and Strangers.


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