Katie Kelman

My name is Katie, and I'm an economics/managerial studies major who is a part of Baker college. Recently, I spent the last semester studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. While it was not the best semester to choose for going abroad during what ended up being the COVID pandemic, I still got a lot out of my time there and truly enjoyed being exposed to a variety of cultures and communities in Europe. It was challenging at times to commute around Edinburgh in the freezing weather, but it made staying indoors and reading/studying all the more cozy! My favorite part of being in Scotland was having access to the city as well as the countryside with an extinct volcano at the back of the dorms and classes located downtown. Additionally, it was a memorable experience to travel to neighboring countries and visit places that I'd read about in history books for so long before! Reflecting back on the years I've been at college, I think my study abroad experience was a great way to continue developing a curiosity for different ways of life and to learn more about my heritage. There are many great things to be learned wherever you go and for that reason I advise you to be constantly curious in every moment and to always be open-minded! I chose to study abroad in Scotland because I’m part Scottish and wanted to learn more about that side of my family. I was rewarded with an experience that not only made me closer to my cousins but also to a larger community of people with similar passions as mine such as other equestrians and hikers in Scotland! Lastly, I made great friends with other study abroad students from other American colleges who I will be friends with and travel buddies for life! Enjoy your study abroad—it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!


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