John Allison

My current work belongs to what may be broadly referred to as a “global” philosophy of religion, and I am interested in explicating and exploring the various epistemological and metaphysical assumptions informing the discourse around the concept of “religion” in the discipline of 20th century comparative religions as it developed in Europe and North America. In particular, I am interested in the relationship between continental (largely post-Heideggerian) philosophy and its influence upon the development of comparative religions, realism and ant-realism debates that arose in post-Eliadean forms of comparativism, and, more broadly, questions of method and theory in using “religion” as an analytical category of comparison. Beyond this, I am interested in the history and development of the category of “new age religions,” the “spiritual but not religious” demographic in the USA, American Buddhist “tantra,” and the concept and genealogy of “perennial philosophy”; beyond this, I also have interests in the relationship between continental and analytic philosophy, post-Kantian metaphysics, the relationship between logic and mysticism in Christianity and Buddhism, the relationship between “spiritual liberation” and political revolution, the question of being, critical race theory, and the relationship between mysticism and afrofuturism.

Research Areas

Philosophy of religions, comparative religions, and comparative metaphysics


M.Div. Princeton Theological Seminary

B.A., Westminster College


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