Fu Yang Tay

WEBSITE(S)| Junichiro Kono Laboratory

Fuyang Tay earned his B.S. degree in Physics from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore in 2018. He began working as a project officer in NTU for a year, where he was involved in a computational project regarding the dynamic of electromagnetic field excitation on a metal surface by a swift electron. He was also engaged in research of an invisibility cloak for fluid flow before joining Dr. Kono’s lab. His current research interests include ultrastrong light-matter coupling, ultrafast phenomena in condensed matter physics and time-resolved spectroscopic techniques.

Research Areas

Nanomaterials and Nanodevices, Photonics and Plasmonics, Quantum and Ultracold Matter


B.S. Physics Nanyang Technological University

Honors & Awards

SCI 2020 Summer Research Colloquium Outstanding Poster Award

2020 GMSI Summer Camp Best Proposal Award


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