Emily Lampert is a second-year graduate student interested in the intersections of race and gender in eighteenth and nineteenth-century North America. She is particularly interested in enslaved motherhood and midwifery; her MA thesis, entitled “Enslaved Midwives in the Long Eighteenth Century: Slavery, Reproduction, and Creolization in the Chesapeake, 1720-1830,” worked to understand the process by which enslaved midwives appropriated reproductive space and authority on Chesapeake plantations and the various motivations surrounding the shift from white to Black midwifery. Going forward, she is currently working on a project about free Black midwifery in the nineteenth century and is interested in investigating trans-Atlantic conversations concerning enslaved midwifery and reproduction in the British Empire.

Research Areas

Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century U.S., Gender and American Slavery, Gender and Empire, Enslaved Reproduction and Midwifery.


M.A., Western Washington University, 2020

B.A., Western Washington University, 2018


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