Dan Shan

Dissertation Title: Drawing Connections: Models and Design Transfer From the Album of Daoist and Buddhist Themes and Beyond

Advisor: Bader, Graham

Dan Shan received a B.A. in Archaeology from Capital Normal University in Beijing, and completed a master’s degree from Fudan University in Shanghai. She was an exchange student at the National Taiwan University. Dan is particularly interested about Chinese paintings from Song and Yuan periods, Buddhist visual culture, and material culture of the ancient Silk Road. Her dissertation explores the nature of drawing, artistic practice as well as art collecting in medieval China and Japan. Most recently, Dan has been a visiting fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia at the University of Tokyo.

Research Areas

Major: Medieval Chinese Art History; Minor: Northern Renaissance


MA, Fudan University (Shanghai)

BA, Archaeology, Capital Normal University (Beijing)

Honors & Awards

2022-2023 Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship

2022 Marilyn Marrs Gillet International Travel Fellowship

2019 Brown Foundation Dissertation Research Award


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