Chelsea Dacus

Advisor: Costello, Leo

Dissertation Title: "Tiwanaku Metal Work and the Staging of Vision: An Analysis of the Metallurgical, Iconographical, and Contextual Characteristics of Middle Horizon Gold, Silver, and Copper

Chelsea Dacus is a Ph.D. student on the Museum Professionals track at Rice University. She is also Assistant Curator of The Glassell Collections, the arts of Africa, Indigenous Pacific Islands, Australia, and the Americas, and Antiquities at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Her research examines the role played by metal artworks in the staging of vision by the Tiwanaku civilization of Bolivia, which reached its height between 600-1100 CE.

Research Areas

Ancient Andean


MA, Art History with a specialty in Maya Art, Southern Methodist University

BA, Art History, Mount Holyoke College


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