Bren Ram

Dissertation: Apocalyptic Poetics: Reading Ecologically Across Media after 1945

Advisor: Cary Wolfe

Bren's research concerns apocalyptic poetics in poetry, novels, and films from around the world after 1945. They study the ways that ideas about the end of the world have changed over time and how certain "local apocalypses" have been visited upon various populations, arguing that shifts in risk logics and political futurity bear a peculiarly literary valence. Their scholarship is forthcoming at Arizona Quarterly and Modern Fiction Studies and is under review at Apocalyptica. Their public-facing essays and book reviews can be found in Ancillary Review of Books and Correspondences: A Forum for the Environment. When not reading and writing, Bren can be found painting, rock climbing, and hanging out with their parrot.

Research Areas

Ecocriticism; Apocalypse Studies; Media Theory/New Media; Posthumanism; Global Anglophone


B.A., Poetry, Arizona State University

B.A., Philosophy, Arizona State University


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