Bohan Zhang is a PhD student interested in the US and the world, with an emphasis on the intersection of political and intellectual history between the US and East Asia. After obtaining his bachelor's degree in history from Tsinghua University in Beijing, he received two master’s degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of Chicago respectively. His master’s dissertation at Oxford explored the struggle of President George H. W. Bush’s administration in balancing domestic politics and foreign relations at the end of the Cold War. His master’s thesis at the University of Chicago under the supervision of Professor Bruce Cumings, focusing on trans-Pacific China Politics from 1945 to 1951, was awarded honors by the Committee on International Relations. Building on his previous work at the University of Chicago, his current research project at Rice University aims to involve more multilingual archives and take a more transnational approach.

Research Areas

The US and the World; Modern US History; Chinese History; East Asian History; Cold War


M.A., The University of Chicago, 2022

M.St., The University of Oxford, 2021

B.A., Tsinghua University, 2020


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