Anthony Gardner

Dissertation: Telic Welfare Prioritarianism

Anthony Gardner received a BA in Philosophy from Rice University and an MA from Northern Illinois University. His dissertation defends a theory of distributive justice that joins Rawlsian distributive principles with a theoretical foundation held in common with utilitarianism. The result is a theory that is outcome-oriented and has welfare as the distribuendum of justice but is also strongly prioritarian. In addition to distributive justice, Anthony has research interests in ethics and value theory. Most recently, he has been interested in the intersection of death, the value of an individual’s life, and principles of interpersonal value aggregation.

Prior to his graduate career, Anthony held a number of jobs, including: residential counselor, test scorer, camp counselor, and teacher’s aide. More recently, he has taught introductory classes in philosophy and ethics and assisted in a number of classes in ethics, broadly construed.

Research Areas

Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy


MA, Northern Illinois University

BA, Rice University


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