Aditya Desai headshot

I transitioned from a five-year industry career to a doctoral program and have found that academia suits me best for several reasons. Firstly, it provides the freedom to work on topics that align with my interests and delve deeply into research without the constraints of short-term goals. Secondly, academia fosters a collaborative environment, which contrasts with the competitive nature of the industry. Additionally, I'm passionate about teaching and mentoring, finding great satisfaction in simplifying complex knowledge for students.

I am looking forward to the Future Faculty Fellows program because this program will help me develop networking skills, navigate the job market, and receive expert guidance on written statements and job talks. I believe these skills are going to stay with me even beyond the scope of faculty applications.

Research Areas

Randomized methods for efficient deep learning. Research areas include but are not limited to : efficient large-scale machine learning, applied randomized algorithms and datastructures, cache-efficient algorithms.


B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur, India

Honors & Awards

MLSYS Outstanding paper award

Ken Kennedy Fellowship 2022-2023

Pollard Fellowship at Rice University 2019-2020

Academic Excellence at IIT Kanpur , 2009-2013

All India Rank 96 in Joint Entrance Exam


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