Image of Roger Ramirez, male in brown sweater over collared shirt with a tie standing in front of an off white background.

As the Associate Director for Mathematics and Engineering Education for the Rice Office of STEM Engagement (R-STEM) and a former participant of R-STEM professional development programs, Roger helps guide instruction and curriculum in the ConocoPhillips Applied Mathematics Program (AMP!). Additionally, Roger leads the Introduction to Research and Innovative Design in Engineering (iRIDE) Academy, a two week long engineering experience for middle school students that aims to inspire students to pursue an education in various engineer fields. 

Ranging from middle school to high school, Roger brings 8 years of teaching experience to the R-STEM team. As a teacher, Roger engaged students through highly effective teaching strategies and mentored peer teachers which lead him to be Department Chair and eventually the Instructional Coach for Mathematics. 


B.A. Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin


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