Mia Culton

Mia Culton joined Rice as a budget analyst in March 2007 and, in 2018, was promoted to budget director leading the Budget Office. The Budget Office manages and coordinates the University’s annual budget process in conjunction with the Provost’s Office, which has authority over the academic budget.

In 2023, Mia joined the Provost’s Office as associate provost for academic budgetary affairs. She provides leadership, advising and institutional collaboration to ensure that the university’s budget aligns with its financial goals and academic mission. She is the provost’s primary delegate for all matters related to the academic budget.

Mia received her BBA in Administrative Management Systems from Texas Southern University and her MBA, with a concentration in Accounting, from the University of St. Thomas. During her time at Rice, Mia was the recipient of the Board of Trustees recognition in 2011 for her work in implementing the Hyperion Planning solution. In 2012, she was awarded the Centennial Star.


Texas Southern University , B.B.A.

University of St. Thomas, M.B.A.

Southern Methodist University School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Oracle Database Administration

Honors & Awards

Board of Trustees Recognition 2011

Centennial Star 2012


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