Lisa Spiro

Lisa Spiro serves as the Assistant University Librarian for Digital Scholarship and Organizational Development at Rice University’s Fondren Library, where she oversees the Rice Digital Scholarship Archive, the Digital Media Commons, the GIS/Data Center and the Kelley Center for Government Information. At Rice, she leads the Research Data Services team (a collaboration between the library and research computing) and teaches workshops on data management. She has published or presented on the values, skills and collaborative practices important to digital humanities, the impact of digital resources on scholarship in American literature, the prospects for an all-digital library, and archival management systems. Lisa was the founding editor of the Digital Research Tools (DiRT) wiki. She served as chair of the communications committee for the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations and was a member of the Executive Council of the Association for Computers and the Humanities. She is a member of the 2021–2022 ARL Leadership Fellows program cohort and coordinates Fondren Library's Green Team. Lisa received a PhD in English from the University of Virginia and a BA in history and English from Rice University.


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