Kyle Judah

Kyle Judah is the Executive Director at Lilie, where he also teaches Financing the Startup Venture. Kyle comes to us from The University of Colorado Boulder, where he built and ran the Entrepreneurship Program for the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

Kyle has an abundance of entrepreneurship experience: from co-founding RecoVend (a budgeting software for educational institutions), providing consulting works for large companies engaging in startup ecosystems, to revamping MIT’s Corporate Engagement Program.

With his vast background in a variety of innovation, leadership, and higher-education roles, Kyle is dedicated to creating systems and processes to help develop new ideas, programs and technologies, and translate them into real world impact – helping students launch world changing startups in and out of the classroom.

Kyle earned his BA in Sports Marketing from University of Massachusetts, and holds and MBA from the Babson F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business.


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