Karen Lavelle

Serves as the primary business manager of the research, academic, fiscal and administrative functions of the Computer Science Department. Oversees the management of administrative functions in the department and directs the day-to-day financial, research and academic administration of the department. Financial responsibilities include: managing department and research fund accounts, preparing, reviewing and approving research proposals, and authorizing and approving purchases and expenditures.

Oversees capital projects; the recruitment of faculty and staff, including appointments, reappointments and promotion and tenure; and the administration of office, classroom, and laboratory space, equipment, inventory, supplies, and services. Supervises special projects related to the research and educational missions of the department. Manages all administrative staff, financial/accounting staff, temporary personnel, and student workers. Also serves as the central point for administrative assistance for the department, and provides workload balancing for staff direct reports.


North Harris County College


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