Jocelyn Holt

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My research focuses on the evolutionary ecology of pest insects; particularly those associated with agroecosystems. I am interested in how population genetic and microbial composition modulate pest traits and their symbiotic interactions.

I combine field collections, experiments, and molecular approaches to answer questions related to insect pests. Through analyzing the population genetic and microbial composition of insects, we can better understand how these modulate pest traits such as host preference, behavior, or reproductive output. By integrating different approaches, we gain a more complete insight about insect pests and can use this to inform management practices.

Research Areas

Symbiosis, Population Genetics, Evolutionary Ecology, Invasive and Pest Insects, Agro-ecosystems

Holt Lab image
Holt Lab image


B.S. Biology (2007) California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

M.S. Biology (2011) California State University, Northridge

Ph.D. Entomology (2022) Texas A&M University, College Station


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