jesscia bowers

Jessica Bowers Chukwu is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas. Jessica received her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science from the University of Arkansas. She then went on to complete her Master’s degree from Louisiana State University in Higher Education Administration. Jessica currently works as an Assistant Director in Student Success Initiatives (SSI). Her favorite part about SSI is seeing the growth and development of the students she works with. In additional to meeting with and addressing student needs on an individual basis, Jessica also supports Rice Firsts, a first generation peer based mentoring program, the Rice Firsts Supporter Network training, co-sponsors Generation College, and teaches a section of UNIV 110.

Advising Philosophy: Change can be a good thing, especially when you focus on what you have to gain, and not what you have to give up. Jessica understands the transition that often takes place for many students during this chapter of their lives, and finds great joy in assisting them in seeing what they have/will gain while at Rice through academics and the co-curricular.