Photo of ivette Mekdessi, M.Ed.

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Ivette Mekdessi develops and implements programming related to postgraduate planning and has worked with over 5,000 Rice students and alumni in one-on-one appointments as well as in workshops and events. She has a passion for helping people find and make their places in the world. She provides career exploration (major, internship, employment, and graduate school), professional correspondence reviews, interview preparation, and assessment interpretations to undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni to assist Rice Owls in making informed career decisions and to prepare them for professional advancement.  Ivette joined Rice in 2015 from the University Career Services at the University of Houston. She also served as a research assistant in varying fields of psychology including job satisfaction, employee well-being, stress overflow, and gender roles and differences. She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology, a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing and a Master’s of Education in Counseling.  Ivette also brings an international perspective to the CCD as she speaks French, Spanish, and Arabic and attended international schools her entire life.


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