Christopher Harris

Serving as the Associate Director of the Rice Emerging Scholars Program (RESP), Christopher works with undergraduate students as a holistic advisor and provides leadership to supporting incoming first-year students through a residential bridge program aimed at preparing them for the challenging pace, depth, and rigor of the STEM curricula at Rice. Christopher is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Psychology at the University of Toledo, where he is studying the impact that curricular content has on the Racial Identity Development of Black students. Additionally, Christopher holds a Master of Education in Educational Leadership. Before that, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Kent State University. He brings years of experience working in student affairs, specifically Residence Life, before arriving to Rice. 

As a scholar of Educational Psychology and as an educator, Christopher is passionate about the learning experiences of underrepresented and underserved student populations. The underpinnings of his beliefs in teaching and education is the importance of understanding the diverse needs of students, as well as valuing and appreciating the discrete aspects of learners’ identities that they bring. 

Advising Philosophy: Chris believes in the importance of understanding the diverse backgrounds and contexts that students bring with them, as well as the intersectionality of students’ identities and how that impacts their social, academic, and emotional wellbeing is key in enhancing the development of students and preparing them for their futures. “If I can help a student discover who they are, what they’re gifted at, or passionate about, and tap into those talents and skills to live a fulfilling life, I have done my job.”



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