Brittany is an experienced educator with over 13 years of teaching experiences, specializing in Special Education, Math and Sciences. Prior to coming to R-STEM, she served as a Science Instructional Coach, inspiring and encouraging teachers to do more inquiry style lessons. As the Assistant Director for Computer Science and Mathematics, she will be working with the Applied Mathematics Program, Computer Engineering Design Academy and the PATHS-UP Programs, where she will continue expanding inquiry-based cross curricular lessons and facilitating hands-on, real-world lessons to students and teachers in the Greater Houston area. 

Brittany holds a Bachelor's degree in Victim Studies and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership. She is certified in Special Education (EC-12th), Generalist (EC-8th) and has an EC-12th Principal Certification. Overall, Brittany is a dedicated and passionate educator committed to providing the best possible learning experiences for the students and teachers she engages with. 


BA in Victim Studies, Sam Houston State University

Masters in Educational Leadership, Grand Canyon University

Principal Certification, Lamar University


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