Andrew Stefl

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In his role as lead academic administrator, Andrew Stefl is the liaison between the academic departments and the Office of the Registrar. He receives new course requests and ensures accuracy and completeness before forwarding to the School Course Review Committee (SCRC). Andrew also receives, reviews, and approves course changes on a semi-annual basis and is the point person for summer session courses and scheduling.

He is responsible for space utilization within the School of Humanities, continues his role as assistant to the dean by collaborating on special projects with Dean Kathleen Canning, and coordinates the school's promotion and tenure process. In addition, Andrew is responsible for co-coordinating the School of Humanities Campbell Lecture Series

When not at Rice, Andrew enjoys traveling abroad and has visited Germany, Austria (ask about his family’s department store), Czech Republic, Argentina, Uruguay, Honduras, and Belize. He enjoys, but does not necessarily excel at, PS4 video games, which is surprising given that he’s a self-described computer nerd. His hobbies at the moment include exploring virtual reality technology, collecting fondue pots (you can never have enough!) and doing counted cross-stitch, from which he has created a full-sized Monopoly game board and is currently working on a Victorian Christmas triptych.

Andrew was the recipient of the 2018-19 School of Humanities Shining Star Award.


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