Alexandre Pelegrino

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Alexandre Pelegrino is a postdoctoral fellow at the Humanities Research Center and He is a historian of Latin America working on the history of slavery, Native American history, and race formation.

Alex’s research considers how Indigenous enslavement persisted in 18th-century northern Brazil and how it connects to the enslavement of people of African descent. 

He is the author of From Slaves to Índios: Empire, Slavery, and Race (Maranhão, Brazil, c. 1740-90).

Alex is working on his book project based on his dissertation, Bonds of Belonging: Slaving, Indigeneity, and Race in Amazonia (1688-1798).

Before arriving in Houston, Alex received his BA and MA from the Fluminense Federal University and his PhD from Vanderbilt University.

Research Areas

Colonial Latin America, Native American History, Early Modern Atlantic World, Empires, Slavery.


PhD, Vanderbilt University (2023)

MA, Fluminense Federal University (2015)

BA, Fluminense Federal University (2012)


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