Thomas G. Anderson sitting in chair with chalkboard in background

Thomas Anderson joined the Department of Computational Applied Mathematics and Operations Research in 2023 as an assistant professor. Previously he was a postdoctoral assistant professor in the mathematics department at the University of Michigan, and was a graduate student in applied and computational mathematics in the Department of Computing+Mathematical Sciences (CMS) at Caltech. He spent the summer of 2016 as a visiting student at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Thomas completed his undergraduate studies in applied mathematics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Research interests: Thomas Anderson’ research interests lay in the areas of numerical analysis, spectral methods, scientific computing and numerical methods for PDEs. He is currently working on evaluation of singular integral operators in potential theory and integral equations, for which he designs high-order accurate discretization schemes and fast algorithms with applications in wave propagation and fluid dynamics. Recently he has been interested in problems in potential theory that necessitate volumetric discretization as well as in the development of high-fidelity and highly-parallelizable algorithms for wave propagation that allow for reliable long-time simulation.


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