Ted Loch-Temzelides

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Ted Loch-Temzelides is the George and Cynthia Mitchell Professor in Sustainable Development at the Department of Economics and a James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy Center for Energy Studies Scholar at Rice University. His research uses interdisciplinary modeling to guide science-based policy. His current work concentrates on the optimal ways of mitigating risks resulting from emerging infectious diseases and from climate change. He also works on incorporating ecosystems services in economic models, and on applications of economics principles to ecology. He has been awarded numerous grants, including the Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellowship and funding from the National Science Foundation. He serves on the editorial board of Economic Theory, Economic Theory Bulletin, the Journal of Climate Finance, and PLOS ONE. He is a CESifo and a Pan-African Scientific Research Council fellow and a senior fellow at the CUT, Rennes School of Business.

Research Areas

Climate and Energy Economics and Policy; Sustainability and Conservation; Global Health and the Environment


Ph.D., Economics, University of Minnesota, 1995


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