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Steven Perry received his PhD in Political Science from Rice University. His research interests include political decision making, political psychology, and effective data communication. In addition to teaching courses on data visualization for Rice’s data science minor, Steven has taught courses on the governments of the United States and Texas, as well as courses on public policy and political campaigns. Steven has received grants from the American Political Science Association and the Southern Political Science Association, and his work has been featured in several academic publications and periodicals, including Social Science Quarterly and PA Times.


Mettler, Suzanne. 2002. “Bringing the State Back in to Civic Engagement: Policy Feedback Effects of the G.I. Bill for World War II Veterans.” American Political Science Review. 96(2):351-365.


Examining how information warnings before, during, and after natural disasters can increase resilience and public safety.

Research Areas

Information Accessibility & Acquisition, Electoral Politics, Emergency Management, Local Politics and Policy 


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