Sergio Kapusta Headshot

Dr. Kapusta is the director of the Rice Energy and Environment Initiative. Dr. Kapusta worked at Shell in all areas of the oil and gas business and served as chief scientist of the Royal Dutch Shell group of companies.


His responsibilities included advising the senior management of Shell on science and engineering topics that affect the industry, collaborating with academic and research institutions, and developing Shell’s strategic R&D plans. Dr. Kapusta is the author of over 70 technical papers.


Dr. Kapusta holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and MBA from Rice University, where he currently teaches in the Engineering and Business Schools.


MBA, Jones Business School - Rice University

Ph.D., Professiorship Habilitation, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science - Technische Universität Clausthal

Ph.D., Chemistry, Chemical Engineering - Rice University

BS, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering - Rice University

Teaching Areas

Ethics, Engineering Ethics


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