Scott Powers

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Scott Powers joined the Department of Sport Management as an Assistant Professor in Sport Analytics in 2023. He completed his PhD in Statistics at Stanford University in 2017. From there, he worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers in R&D for five years and then spent one season as an Assistant General Manager with the Houston Astros. Along the way, he has held multiple-year consulting engagements with the Oakland Athletics (baseball), AZ Alkmaar (soccer) and Zelus Analytics (baseball and soccer).

Read Nuclear penalized multinomial regression with an application to predicting at bat outcomes in baseball.” (


B.S. Mathematics and Mathematical Decision Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

M.S. Statistics, University of Chicago

Ph.D. Statistics, Stanford University

Teaching Areas

SMGT 430 (Introduction to Sport Analytics)

SMGT 435 (Baseball Analytics)

SMGT 442 (Soccer Analytics)


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