Robert "Corky" Cartwright

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Professor Cartwright teaches courses on functional programming (Comp 311/544), programming language principles (Comp 411/511), advanced algorithms (Comp 582), and production programming (Comp 402/501).  

Research Areas

Robert "Corky" Cartwright's current research focuses on four topics: 1.) Developing extensions to Java, Scala, and Swift that foster developing parallel application programs that scale well as more cores are added to microprocessors. I am an ardent advocate of a "mostly functional" approach to developing parallel programming applications. 2.) Developing "smart'' programming environments that prove that type-safe programs are free of run-time errors. In essence, smart environments use static analysis to verify the preconditions for primitive program operations. 3.) Developing production-quality pedagogic programming environments for Java, Scala, and Swift using Rice undergraduates as the primary workforce. The DrJava and forthcoming DrScala environments are products of this research effort. 4.) Developing a programming language (called FAST) and supporting environment for developing implicit programs in which program parameters are dynamically adjusted by the language run-time in accord with an platform-dependent intent specification provided by the user. The intent typically focuses on minimizing or maximizing a platform-dependent measure such as energy usage or performance while meeting platform-independent accuracy or quality constraints.


PhD, Computer Science, Stanford University (1976)

BA, Applied Mathematics, Harvard College (1971)

Teaching Areas

Principles of Program Design

Principles of Programming Languages

Honors & Awards

ACM Fellow


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