Risa B. Myers

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Risa Myers is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Computer Science Department at Rice University. She teaches databases and data science. Given her extensive industry experience, one of her key teaching goals is to bring real world data, applications, and challenges to the classroom.

Research Areas

Risa Myers is interested in exploring and innovating in data science pedagogy. She does this both through the development of interactive learning materials and by bringing lessons learned from research into the classroom in the form of examples, assignments, and exercises. Together with Lydia Kavraki and Chris Jermaine she has packaged a graduate level course on Data Science Tools & Models with an emphasis on healthcare data.


PhD, Computer Science, Rice University (2016)

MS, Computer Science, Rice University (2013)

MS, Computer Science, Stanford University (1993)

SB, Computer Science and Engineering, MIT (1989)

Teaching Areas

Introduction to Database Systems

Big Data

Data Science Tools and Models


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