Rachel C. Schneider

Rachel C. Schneider is a scholar of religion and director of the Religion and Public Life Program at Rice University. Broadly, Schneider’s research focuses on how religion can undergird systems of inequality, such as racial and gender inequality, but also how religion and spirituality can shape ethical and political practices and inspire social change.

Working at the intersection of the humanities and the social sciences, Schneider has published research articles on religion and race; religion in the workplace; religion, health, and science; and religious responses to poverty and inequality in the United States and South Africa. She is also the co-editor of a recently published volume examining millennials and religious change.

Her work has appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Socius, Sociological Inquiry, Journal of Religious Ethics, Religions, The Immanent Frame, Religion Dispatches, Religion News Service, Syndicate, and Marginalia Review of Books. She is also a writer for the RPLP podcast Religion Unmuted, which explores how religion and gender impact public discourse around important social issues, like racism, politics, immigration, health, and the body.


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